What We Do


Tower of Hope's core practice has been to express God’s love to the unreached populations by reaching out and meeting their spiritual and physical needs through missionary work. Our priority has been Latin America, specifically in the nation of Peru with major focus on the areas of Junín and Cusco.


MISSION WORK - Tower of Hope has found that, unless a person is transformed spiritually, local customs continue to be utilized.  Our belief is to transform lives through the Word of God.  We believe their hearts are changed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which will then transform a community. 

LEADERSHIP TRAINING -  Through our work in the country of Peru, we have found, pastors do not have many tools to properly lead their congregation or evangelize. Tower of Hope has been able to develop curriculum specifically for this issue and have implemented it in several remote areas of Peru. Additionally, we have found many women do not have a voice in these isolated locations.  We have been able to assist them in discovering their gifts and talents to be the spiritual leaders of their home. 


MEDICAL / HUMANITARIAN - It is despairing to see a mother dispose of an unhealthy born child because she is regarded as a future burden for the family. Where has the love gone? Or seeing children grow with parasites and deformities due to malnutrition and improper personal and water sanitation. Circumstances such as these are unacceptable and can readily be corrected with today’s modern technology.  Following are the current alarming statistics:

SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION - A problem with many mission efforts is they think in short-term solutions: small amounts of food for each person, a single-day medical clinic without follow-up care, small tubes of toothpaste for teeth brushing, etc.  Tower of Hope strives to make a lasting impact in the lives of Peru's indigenous people.  Tower of Hope strives to create sustainable solutions to chronic issues in each community.  CLICK HERE to see the ways we propose to do this.