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There is much work to do to execute the Great Commission and carry the Gospel to the remotest corners of the world. Many Christians abound in love and want to share the good news of what God had done for them- they just don't know where to start. At Tower of Hope, you start by volunteering your time and talents here in the US.  We value our "home base" volunteers as much as our international missionaries, and realize there is much prayer and preparation needed to send a team abroad.  


If you feel that God is calling you to GO ON A TRIP, you will need to be spiritually prepared.  Tower of Hope will help train you to overcome adversity in the mission field, give your testimony, and pray with the power of the Holy Spirit.  In addition, Tower of Hope will give you all the information necessary to travel abroad - required shots, what to pack, cultural sensitivity, and much more.   


Because Tower of Hope trips are very rigorous, both physically and spiritually, Rose and Todd need to really get to know a person's heart for the Lord.  After much prayer and one-on-one interviews, Tower of Hope may invite people to GO ON A TRIP.   


There are many ways to Take Action in bringing the gospel to remote areas of the world.  One of these ways is to donate monetarily.  Tower of Hope realizes that many people cannot do mission work because of family or work obligations. But if you donate money or support a missionary, God is using you just as significantly as He is using the missionary in the field.  Please DONATE


As missionaries in the field, Tower of Hope continues to not only spread the gospel, but also provide medical and humanitarian aid.  In many cases, TOH is making a lasting, sustainable difference in the lives of indigenous people.  We live in a world where many corporations are looking for ways to give back to society.  Tower of Hope wants to be the organization you utilize to do that.  Please BECOME A SPONSOR